I realise this amp placement for recording is really bad. But is it really really bad? The amp is inside a tall brick alcove with a 20cm gap around the back and sides, a foot off the ground, 150 cm above it. In front of it is: mic, duvet, rest of the room. This allows me to unobtrusively surround it on three sides with: gap, rug, gap, camping air mats, gap, polystyrene bits, brick wall. Below: sponge yoga mat. Above and around: duvet. Its useful as I live in one room with bare walls and trebley reflections wreck every recording. So I'm surrounding the amp with the dreaded corners - five of them. If I turn the bass right up its obviously terrible news. But I'm cutting the bass, its a telecaster & Fender amp, and using my ears it doesn't seem like a massive problem. Is it just that I can't hear the bass problems that are still there, or do things like standing waves and booming only occur when the volume gets to a critical level?

Any help will be apprecited.

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