If there isn't one on this site, there should be. That is, an easy to follow tutorial on how to fix (or attempt to fix) a corrupt SD card that won't boot. And I mean -- do this, now do this and do this, See spot run? I simply had a power outage and now I'm screwed because the PI won't boot and certainly I'm not the only one who has encountered this. I see no guide on this site for this or even a "troubleshooting" section for that matter. Food for thought?
(Getting a "non blocking pool initialized" and stuck there). I was told on another forum to "check the card in another linux machine" but when it comes to things like this (I'm worried sick about it) -- the issue shouldn't be so VAGUE. I have googled here and there and have read way too many paragraphs (with conflicting info) about how to go about fixing a corrupt SD card. Use Fedora instead of Ubuntu because no "password hassle", all sorts of FSCK instructions with conflicting command lines, I've seen a paragraph of instructions and whole pages of shit all saying different things about it. Is there something on this site (or somewhere) that will GUIDE me through the process?

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https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/view … p?t=127512
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