i have a mini SDHC card ive always used with no problems. The other day, i put it into my phone, forgetting i had the Rpi OS on it (with the rootfs partition expanded) and formatted it (incorrectly as the size was 8Gb it now shows 32.6Mb). The card now reads 32.6MB and when i try formatting it in windows, it simply won't do it. I also downloaded the Sd formatter 4.0 and it says the drive is write protected (i assure you it is not) i tried putting it into a camera and formatting it but i also get the error "write protected" in the windows device manager the filesystem shows up as RAW, does anyone have any idea on how this can be fixed? i know a little about R-Pi and linux, but i'm just a beginner..

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https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/view … hp?t=53256
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